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BRC/IOP package standard

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BRC/IOP package standard

BRC/IOP package standard is the standard developed by the British retail Consortium and the British Packaging Association to audit food packaging suppliers. In addition to being recognized by British retailers, BRC/IOP package certification is also widely accepted by retailers in Europe and the United States: Aldi; ASDA; Boots; COOP Wholesale (CWS); Littlewoods; Morrisons; Netto; Safeway; Sainsburys; Somerfield; Spar; Tesco; Waitrose; Wal Mart etc.

BRC/IOP package standard requirements include:

· Top management commitment and continuous improvement

· Hazard and risk management system

· Product safety and management System

· Site standard

· Product and Process Control

· Personnel

BRC/IOP standard benefits

· The BRC Global Standard will help protect and support your brand and end consumers giving you confidence in your product safety and quality management program and supply chain management

Developed by packaging industry experts, the BRC Global Standard is challenging yet achievable and is designed to improve the supply chain through a cycle of continous improveme